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Welcome to Theater Rentals a resource for renting theaters.  Locate Theaters for Rent for business meetings, teleconferencing, club meetings, promotions, education, fund-raisers, town halls, special presentations, special events, theatrical events, movie film screenings, private film showings, and more. 

Learn about how to Rent a Theater for your event or business.


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What types of Theaters are available for Rent?

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What additional Equipment is available to Rent?

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Types of Theaters Available for Rent

Movie Theater, Outdoor Theater, Indoor Theater, Large seating capacity Theaters, private Theaters, Historical Theaters, School Theater, Open-Air Theaters, Performing Arts Theater, Dance Theater, Large Theaters, Private Theaters, Historical Theaters, Art Center Theater, Auditoriums and more. offers information about

Theaters for Rent, Theater Rental Companies, Theater Operators, Tele-conferencing in a theater, Resources for Short Term and Long Term Theater Rentals, help in locating other Equipment for Rent, Articles on Theater Rentals, and more information to help you rent a theater for your event.


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